Extending the life of your CycleOps Pro Cycle 400

I called today to see about replacing the aging battery on my Saris CycleOps Joule 3 cycling computer, the brains of my very expensive CycleOps Pro 400, and was told they no longer sell them. My first thought was what poor customer service this was, given the fact that bike is more or less useless without the Joule computer, which controls the electronic resistance unit. You see, unlike the Pro 300, the resistance cannot manually be adjusted without the Joule computer – the yellow knob you see on top of the crossbar is only there to brake the flywheel when you are stopping.

CycleOps Joule 3 Computer

CycleOps Joule 3 Computer

So without a way of being able to adjust the resistance/power, is the bike now just a piece of $3,000 junk?  Come on, Saris, seriously…I mean, is it really that inconvenient to keep these tiny (but critical) Li-on batteries in stock for a product you sold 5 years ago…? It appears my Joule 3 cycle computer is nothing but a paperweight now.

The company suggests using Rouvy software instead (http://rouvy.com), and buying an ANT+ stick which would allow the software to communicate with the 400’s power meter and resistance unit.  The only catch is that you now have to spring for an $8+/month subscription, and possibly another $20 for a new USB2 ANT+ stick (the original Garmin ANT+ stick is not supported by Rouvy).

While I wait for my USB2 Ant+ stick to arrive from Amazon later this week, I’m going to see about sourcing another 1700 mAh/3.7 volt battery to replace it myself, as my guess is Saris sourced these batteries from a manufacturer who was already making them for someone else – Saris isn’t really big enough to have their own custom-engineered battery packs.  Just seems a shame to toss this bike computer which was one of the main reasons I bought the 400 in the first place.

More to follow…

CycleOps Pro 400 Indoor Cycle

CycleOps Pro 400 Indoor Cycle


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